The Service Projects Committee: manages implementation of projects in the various Avenues of Service.  Effective projects solve a particular problem, or problems, in a specific community.  Generally Rotary projects are either humanitarian which deliver emergency assistance to suffering people; developmental which add value to citizens’ efforts in their communities, or societal projects which bring compassion and fellowship to disadvantaged, disabled or neglected persons.  Every project should be described in a one-page document that sets out the problem to be addressed as well as the new situation that will exist when the project has been completed.  All projects must be approved by the Board of Directors before activities begin.  The costs of all activities must be calculated beforehand thereby confirming that the necessary funds are available for disbursement as required.
A successful project is one where its beneficiaries will have made “bankable” commitments to assure sustainability of its results.  As such, the in-kind, technical and other contributions of the beneficiaries should be calculated with great accuracy since the financial value of this support ir often exceeds that provided by Rotary.  A project manager must be designated for each project and who would be held accountable for all aspects of the project’s administration including preparation of the mandatory and other reports.  Other designated members of the Committee are expected to support the Project Manager with these efforts.