The Foundation Committee: collects information about the programmes and plans of the Rotary Foundation and makes this available to all Club members.  Performing this task also requires acquiring detailed knowledge about the rules governing matching grants, the financial and other support available to Rotary Clubs and their resulting obligations. The Committee is also expected to track the status of financial contributions to the Foundation made by individual Rotarians and share information about other ways in the Foundation can be strengthened such as gifts to support its educational, humanitarian and cultural programmes and projects.  For example, Rotarians are being encouraged to contribute to the Rotary Centers Gift initiative which aims to raise US$90 million to support peace and conflict resolution efforts around the world.
1. Polio Plus
2. Humanitarian Grant Programme
· Disaster Recovery
· Health, Hunger and Humanity (3H) Grant
· Matching Grant
· Volunteer Service Grant
3. Educational Programs
· Ambassadorial Scholarship
· Group Studies exchange (GSE)
· Rotary Grant for University Teachers
· Rotary Peace and Conflict Studies Programme
· Rotary World Peace Fellowship